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"Almost immediately, Kevin & Chris effortlessly tapped into the natural rhythms and interpersonal chemistry already existing in their relationship. This gives every episode this base level feeling of genuine warmth and comfort, so that no matter how dire they movie their discussion might get, you just know that you're in good hands that'll guide you back to safety before things get too wild. So, it turns out that the old house on Haunted Hill isn't that scary a place after all. Not any more. In fact, you'll find it's an utterly charming place to visit. And the Homos that dwell there? Why, it's their singular blend of Gay Magic, short bursts of showtunes and just a little pinch of saltiness that have driven those dark spirits of old away. So in my eyes, this makes Chris and Kevin Firmly Confirmed Bachelors who are also Perfectly Gracious Hosts." - Patrick K. Walsh (host of ScreamQueenz podcast)

"A fun and informative adventure with two people who know their way around a horror film. Chris and Kevin offer hilarious insight into the trove of lesser-known genre films often overlooked and forgotten, simultaneously providing for the listener (should they need it) a possible list of must-see gems, as well as commentaries explaining their own feelings about the films which act as perfect companion pieces. Casual and inviting with an openness that continually shines through, this is definitely worth a listen for horror fans seeking a guide or two to assist as they further explore the genre and its many hidden wonders." - Floyd Conway (listener & friend of the pod)

"A fun filled film lovers podcast of insight, humor, and reverence for cinema. What I love about HOHH is their focus on more retrospective horror film titles from the 80s, 90s, early 2000’s, and recommendations of overlooked gems from all decades, rather than the latest modern disappointments from the various streaming channels. Clearly these guys love films and have extensive knowledge and background. I’ve been following HOHH for more than a year and always look forward to the next episode." - James Benge (listener & friend of the pod)

"I’ll be honest, I’m always a little hesitant to add another podcast to my bloated rotation (especially since I haven’t been driving quite as much during the pandemic), but Chris and Kevin won me over right away. The month long themes are a terrific concept and I really enjoy their selections. I might not always agree with their opinions, but I always enjoy their banter. Keep up the great work, gentlemen." - Ara Alishan (listener & friend of the pod)

"The best podcast for horror junkies! So glad I found this one! As someone who is obsessed with horror, this one is so much fun! The hosts do a awesome job and they are very entertaining & insightful." - Alana Stanley (listener & friend of the pod)

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