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The following fantastic individuals have appeared as guests on Homos on Haunted Hill podcast:

Joe Lipsett (co-host of Horror Queers podcast)

Episode: Tom Atkins Sex Dreams ("Night of the Creeps")

Anthony Hudson (co-host of Gaylords of Darkness podcast)
Episode: The Carousel of Progress ("The Stepford Wives")

Patrick K. Walsh (host of ScreamQueenz podcast)

Episode: Loose Ends & Penis Murals ("Child's Play")

Troy Escamilla (co-host of Dark Night of the Podcast)

Episode: F%*k You, Gene Siskel ("Child's Play 2")

Scott Y. & Pete L. (hosts of Movies That Made Us Gay podcast)

Episode: Love & Swedish Meatballs ("Bride of Chucky")

Travis Monroe Neese (Chicago Actor/Director)

Episode: Battle of the Bangs ("The Faculty)

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